WEA Discussion Forum: Trade Wars

The current WEA Discussion Forum on Trade Wars is being opened today.

Many relevant questions are at stake:

Can China actually replace the US as the economic leader in the world?

If not, what will prevent it? If so, what is required for …?

How can the US prevent this shift from happening?

Will free trade still be promoted strongly through multilateral agencies?

Does the global winner keep the hegemony as its prize?

Or are we in a new situation of shared/partial hegemonies?

What are the consequences to the world economy and the future of neoliberalism?

You can read the following interesting papers and engage in this Discussion Forum

period: October 19th till December 5th, 2020

website: https://tradewars2020.weaconferences.net/papers/

1.The current correlation of forces in the struggle for global economic hegemony

by Juan Vázquez Rojo

2. The War on Trade and its Theoretical Implications

by Oscar Ugarteche

3. The interplays of US, China and their intellectual monopolies

by Cecilia Rikap and Ariel Slipak

4. The Hegemonic Siege on American Power: US-China Disputes in the Shaping of the 21st Century World-System

by Eduardo Martínez-Ávila

5. America’s Trade Deficits: Blame U.S. Policies – Starting with Tax Laws

by Kenneth E. Austin

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