CFA: Poznan Summer School in Heterodox Economics

Something for PhD Students and early-career researchers thirsty of pluralistic education:



Poznań Summer School in Heterodox Economics

3rd edition


Poznań University of Economics and Business


The School is intended for PhD Students and early-career researchers interested in heterodox approaches to studying complex economic phenomena. We provide an international learning environment for those interested in deepening their knowledge in heterodox economics or considering applying it to their own research area. Over five days, participants will have an opportunity of attending lectures, presenting their findings and ideas, as well as discussing them with highly competent faculty. They will also take part in workshops and seminars that will improve their analytical skills.


Confirmed speakers:

– MACIEJ GRODZICKI (Jagiellonian University, PL),

– PAOLO RAMAZZOTTI (University of Macerata, IT),

– LOUIS-PHILIPPE ROCHON (Laurentian University, CA),

– MARC LAVOIE (University of Ottawa, CA, University of Paris 13, FR),

– HANNA SZYMBORSKA (The Open University, UK)

– ANNA ZACHOROWSKA-MAZURKIEWICZ (Jagiellonian University, PL).


The School is organized by the Poznań University of Economics and Business in cooperation with Wydawnictwo Ekonomiczne “Heterodox”.

The event is supported by the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy, the Review of Political Economy and the Forum for Social Economics.


For more information, please contact the Organizing Committee through email: or facebook.

Ongoing Recruitment – please send us an email to check if places are still available.


Please send your application to:

School fee: 120 euro/500 zł

Fees include lunches and coffee breaks. Budget accommodation can be provided by organizers upon request.

Deadline for payment: 15 August 2018.


The Organizing Committe:

Krzysztof Czarnecki (Poznań University of Economics and Business),

Marcin Czachor (Wydawnictwo Ekonomiczne „Heterodox” – Publishing House „Heterodox”),

Anna Piekarska (Praktyka Teoretyczna; Wydawnictwo Ekonomiczne „Heterodox” – Publishing House „Heterodox”)

Agnieszka Ziomek (Poznań University of Economics and Business).

One thought on “CFA: Poznan Summer School in Heterodox Economics

  1. why was I not invited?

    Paul Davidson Founding Editor, Journal of Post Keynesian Economics author: WHO’S AFRAID OF JOHN MAYNARD KEYNES? CHALLENGING ECONOMIC GOVERNANCE IN AN AGE OF GROWING INEQUALITY [2017]; and THE KEYNES SOLUTION: THE PATH TO GLOBAL ECONOMIC PROSPERITY [2009] phone:(561) 676-1633 Holly Chair of Excellence in Political Economy Emeritus, University of Tennessee


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