The Human Development Revolution

Because of Western dominance, brilliant thinkers from the East get very little attention in global media. Even though brilliant economists from East Asia and China have created globally acknowledged economic miracles in their countries, none of them have received a Nobel Prize. On the other hand, Western economists whose theories were demonstrably in conflict with… Read More The Human Development Revolution

Meta-Theory and Pluralism in the Methodology of Polanyi

Currently, I am teaching a course in Advanced Microeconomics where I have started with the premise that conventional economic theory, both Micro and Macro are fundamentally wrong. The number of ways in which they are wrong cannot even be counted. Instead of enumerating errors, the course is devoted to providing a constructive alternative. A lot… Read More Meta-Theory and Pluralism in the Methodology of Polanyi

Spirituality and Development: Part 2, Development

Part 2 of Lecture on Spirituality and Development: Friday, 27th Jan 2017 by Dr. Asad Zaman, VC PIDE — for Students of Religion & Development Paper, Center of Development Studies, University of Cambridge. Link for part 1: Spirituality . 50m Video lecture: OUTLINE OF LECTURE: The meaning of development has varied dramatically across time, space, cultures. When Britannia… Read More Spirituality and Development: Part 2, Development

Spirituality & Development

{} Friday, 26th Jan 2017: Lecture by Dr. Asad Zaman, VC PIDE to students at University of Cambridge, Center of Development Studies for Religion & Development paper. 40 minute video recording of lecture on you-tube. For related posts, see: An Islamic Approach to Humanities. Part 1: “What Is Spirituality?”:  Modern Secular thought takes spirituality and religion to… Read More Spirituality & Development

Michel Foucault: Power/Knowledge

We cannot understand the world around us without a sophisticated understanding of the complex but intimate relationship between knowledge and power. One of the most influential philosophers of the twentieth century, Michel Foucault, crafted a radically different understanding of this relationship. Instead of seeing power in brute force, he saw power as being the ability… Read More Michel Foucault: Power/Knowledge