Feminist Economics: contributions and challenges

Feminist Economics: contributions and challenges is the new WEA Conference, led by the Professors Alicia Puyana and Maria Alejandra Madi. This WEA Conference calls for a pluralist reflection about current knowledge in Feminist Economics in terms of theories, empirical research and policies.  This WEA Conference aims to discuss new contributions to Feminist Economics while bridging… Read More Feminist Economics: contributions and challenges

Fisher’s Flawed Foundations of Statistics

This lecture is about the personality of Sr Ronald Fisher and his foundational ideas about statistics. The idea that statistics is all about “data reduction”, is due to lack of computational capabilities at the time of Fisher – it was not possible to analyze thousands of data points, without reducing them to manageable summaries. Even… Read More Fisher’s Flawed Foundations of Statistics

The crypto frontier of financialisation

Hayek proposed the abolition of the government’s monopoly on the issuance of fiat money in his book “Denationalisation of Money: The Argument Refined” (1976). In reality, his support for a complete privatization of the money supply stemmed from his dissatisfaction with the management of central banks, which, in his opinion, had been heavily influenced by… Read More The crypto frontier of financialisation

Global labour landscape: public health and employment crisis

According to ILO, the COVID-19 epidemic was changed from a public health disaster to an employment and social crisis. The pandemic has had a devastating impact on worldwide public health, employment, and daily life. In this scenario, a lack of comprehensive policy initiatives exacerbates inequality and limits overall workplace growth. Among the most significant labor-market… Read More Global labour landscape: public health and employment crisis

Alternative Models of Development: Becoming the Change You Want to See

Invited Lecture at Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science, on 22 Apr 2021. ABSTRACT: A materialistic approach to life locates problems in external reality, and attempts to find technological, political, or economic solutions. This represents a misdiagnosis which makes cures impossible to find. The anthropocene was brought about by the spiritual stunting now widespread across the… Read More Alternative Models of Development: Becoming the Change You Want to See

An Islamic Approach to Macro-Prudential Regulation

Video recording of talk at 3rd BANK INDONESIA INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR ON ISLAMIC FINANCE, Presented at Session 4: Macroprudential Policy Framework for Islamic Finance, Nusa Dua – Bali, Indonesia 30th & 31st May 2013. Video is followed by summary of talk 1       A Three-Dimensional Approach It is well-known that the Global Financial Crisis 2007, which made… Read More An Islamic Approach to Macro-Prudential Regulation

Euclid Must Fall!

(Keynote Address by Professor C.K. Raju at Tübingen/Pretoria 13 May 2021). In my view, Professor C K Raju is one of the deepest thinkers of modern times. He has managed to see through a web of deceit which has been spun over centuries to project the myth of Western intellectual superiority. Understanding his works opens… Read More Euclid Must Fall!