Do we need environmental ethics?

Environmental ethics is a field of applied ethics concerned with the ethical dimension of human relationship towards nature. The term environmental ethics covers a variety of approaches that can be roughly divided into two camps: anthropocentrism and non-anthropocentrism. Anthropocentrism refers to a human-centered approach to environmental problems that protects nature for humans. Radical anthropocentrism is… Read More Do we need environmental ethics?

Prosperity as Human Development, not Wealth

1000 word summary of Quaid-e-Azam Lecture at PSDE 33rd AGM held on 14th Dec, 2017 at Islamabad. Published in Express Tribune & the Nation 13th Jan 2018. 43m Video Lecture on YouTube: The main thesis of our lecture is that our quest for prosperity has failed to deliver the sought-after goals because we have misunderstood the meaning of prosperity , and looked… Read More Prosperity as Human Development, not Wealth

Spirituality and Development: Part 2, Development

Part 2 of Lecture on Spirituality and Development: Friday, 27th Jan 2017 by Dr. Asad Zaman, VC PIDE — for Students of Religion & Development Paper, Center of Development Studies, University of Cambridge. Link for part 1: Spirituality . 50m Video lecture: OUTLINE OF LECTURE: The meaning of development has varied dramatically across time, space, cultures. When Britannia… Read More Spirituality and Development: Part 2, Development

Economic growth is not “natural”: re-thinking current economic challenges

Since the late 1980s,  the World Bank has been defending a policy agenda that reinforces the free market model of endogenous economic growth where human capital plays an outstanding role since the acquisition of abilities would increase the productivity levels, and as a result, the income levels. In the model of endogenous growth, the evolution… Read More Economic growth is not “natural”: re-thinking current economic challenges

Honouring Mahbub ul Haq

The anniversary of his birth on 24th Feb 1934 is an appropriate occasion to remember Mahbubul Haq, our unsung national hero. The depth of his achievements remain vastly under-appreciated, especially in his own country.  Virtually single-handedly, he changed the direction of the development discourse from a single-minded and harmful focus on wealth production, towards attention… Read More Honouring Mahbub ul Haq