Euclid Must Fall!

(Keynote Address by Professor C.K. Raju at Tübingen/Pretoria 13 May 2021). In my view, Professor C K Raju is one of the deepest thinkers of modern times. He has managed to see through a web of deceit which has been spun over centuries to project the myth of Western intellectual superiority. Understanding his works opens the pathways to new ways of thinking about science and mathematics, as well as many other fields of knowledge. These new pathways are desperately needed today. This post provides details of one of his recent talks with entitled “Euclid Must Fall”. Abstract, Video, and related materials for this talk by Prof CK Raju are given below.

Abstract. To eliminate racist prejudices, it is necessary to identify the root cause(s) of racism. American slavery preceded racism, and was closely associated with genocide. Accordingly, we seek the unique cause of the unique event of genocide + slavery. This was initially justified by religious prejudice, rather than colour prejudice. This religious justification was weakened when many Blacks converted to Christianity, after the trans-Atlantic slave trade. The curse of Kam, using quick visual cues to characterize Blacks as inferior Christians, was inadequate. Hence, the church fell back on an ancient trick of using false history as secular justification for Christian superiority. This trick had resulted in a false history of science during the Crusades when scientific knowledge in translated Arabic texts was indiscriminately attributed to the early Greeks, without evidence. This false history enabled belief in religious superiority to mutate into a secular belief in White superiority. After colonialism, and the Aryan race conjecture, the belief in White superiority further mutated into a belief in Western civilizational superiority, openly propagated today by colonial education. Hence, to eliminate racist prejudice, it is necessary to engage simultaneously with the allied prejudices about Christian/White/Western superiority, based on the same false history of science.

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Part 1: Racist prejudice and the false history of “Greek” achievements in math and science

Part 2: The failure of the axiomatic method in math (or the Church understanding of reason)

Abstract. Previouslywe saw that racist prejudice is supported by false history. The false history of the Greek origins of mathematics is reinforced by a bad philosophy of mathematics. There is no evidence for the existence of Euclid. The “Euclid” book does not contain a single axiomatic proof, as was exposed over a century ago. Such was never the intention of the actual author. The book was brazenly reinterpreted, since axiomatic proof was a church political requirement, and used in church rational theology adopted during the Crusades, as a counter to Islamic rational theology. Deductive proofs are MORE fallible than inductive or empirical proofs. Even a validly proved mathematical theorem, such as the “Pythagorean” theorem (based on Hilbert’s axioms, say), is invalid knowledge in the real world. There is no concept of approximate truth in formal mathematics. Nevertheless, the myth of “superior” axiomatic proofs in the “Euclid” book continues to be reiterated by Western historians, and colonial education teaches axiomatic mathematics. Actually, superior practical value comes from the two “Pythagorean” calculations well known to Indian/Egyptian tradition, but unknown to Greeks. The advantage of related decolonized courses in mathematics has been pedagogically demonstrated. But understanding and political will is needed to change colonial/church education.

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Alternative to current school teaching of Christian chauvinist “Euclid’s” geometry

“‘Euclidean’ geometry vs Rajju ganita”

Details of 2-day workshop:

PresentationsDay 1Day 2 (space bar moves to the next slide)

Videos: Day 1Day 2 (2:45:55, and 2:55:59)

Textbook for class IX:

One thought on “Euclid Must Fall!

  1. Bravo!!! I am over-joyed to finally see another investigator blowing The Whistle on cultural chauvinism, regressivist racism, falsification of history, and the subversion/corruption of science, maths, economics, and modern society. I look forward to creative discussion & collaboration, re: scientific ‘exorcism’ and bio-ethical axiology, R&D of ethical ecometrics, and holotrophic holontology (the science of being-as-a-whole). Thanks to Prof. Raju & WEA editors, sincerely. We can’t progress without paradigm disinfection, repair, upgrade & immunization.

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