The Importance of Peace

Introductory Message for Inauguration of Center for Critical Peace Studies; see by Dr. Asad Zaman, Director, Uloom-ul-Umran (replacement for Eurocentric Social Sciences), Al-Nafi Online Educational Platform

About 1 Billion live in poverty, under $2 per day. Eliminating poverty requires about $700 Billion (=2×365) per year.  US “Defence” Budget is over $700 Billion. Global Military Budget totals around $2 Trillion. We can eliminate poverty by about a 25% reduction in military spending: Turn Torpedos to Tractors!

De-Colonization & Peace: European Enlightenment emphasized mind over heart and soul. The mind does not feel. “Reason” cannot explain why one should not kill six million Jews to improve the genetic composition of the human race.

  • Kant – “universal and cosmopolitan” – explained how to beat Negroes so as to inflict maximum pain without killing them. See
  • Hegel’s theory of history: States create morality via social contract or legal framework. HENCE, they are above morality. Reasoning used by fascists to commit incredible crimes in for “reasons of the State”.
  • Machiavelli – all is fair in pursuit of power (also, profits, and pleasure) – no ethical constraints to pursuit of power. Dominates modern political thought.

These Eurocentric concepts block all genuine pathways to planetary peace.

Re-introducing Heart and Soul: Islamic Psychology introduces a four-dimensional model of human beings – with brains, spirit, soul, and heart.

A counter to the one-dimensional man of Herbert Marcuse. See: An Islamic Model for the Soul, by Abdallah Rothman

The Message of Islam: critically needed counter to the Darwinian laws of the jungle underlying Eurocentric social organization.l

•            All human beings are brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of Adam and Eve.

•            All of the creation is the family of God. He loves most those who serve His family.

The Prophet Mohammad SAW is a model of excellence in conduct. The Quran writes that he suffers from the pain that you feel. The essence of humanity is to feel the pain of others like your own. ONLY the heart can feel – this is not open to “rational” thought. See “Spirituality and Development”{}. Equivalent Message is found in all Wisdom Traditions. Unfortunately, the West was built on global conquest and colonization, and developed warlike philosophies to match. Today, Machiavellian, Eurocentric politics dominates. Economics is built on competition, survival of the fittest, greed, individualism, hedonism. We need to replace it by cooperation, generosity, social responsibility, and family-oriented social ethics.

How to create change? We need to change epistemology – the heart and soul provide us with knowledge not accessible purely to reason.

We must go beyond the Enlightenment worship of “reason”, and learn to look to deeper sources for wisdom about the human condition. My agenda is to replace toxic Eurocentric Social Sciences, built on a misconception of man as a robot; see “Uloom-ul-Umran: An Islamic alternative to Western Social Science” { }. Central to continuous warfare which we see around us is the extremely racist set of ideas which govern modern International Relations Theory. We need to change these theoretical frameworks, to make progress towards peace. See Errol A Henderson (2013) Hidden in plain sight: racism in international relations theory, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 26:1, 71-92, Intellectual, Political, Social, Economic struggles must be done together, as all spheres of human activity are entangled. A proposed plan of action is building Rainbow Coalitions – that is, allow for wide differences and diversities in opinions and culture, while working together for the common desire for peace. One approach towards this goal is outlines in “Alternative Models of Development: Becoming the Change You Want to See – talk at Helsinki Institute for Sustainable Development.” { }

2 thoughts on “The Importance of Peace

  1. No matter which path one chooses for self actualization grace as in love in action is the ultimate human experience. And in view of the dynamic, integrative, emergent and ecstatic nature of the present moment and the tendency of the cosmos as well, it is likely the ultimate evolutionary thrust of same. The present monetary and economic paradigm is Debt Only and the present zeitgeist is power and profit. Grace as in redeemed power is the concept and the resolving experience for both the new monetary paradigm and the new zeitgeist.

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