Realizing your career is a sham!

I am posting a link to my interview with Jeff Epstein for his podcast on his website: Activist MMT. This is a link to the first hour of the interview, which is mostly personal biographical details about the development of my thought.

Welcome to episode 56 of Activist #MMT. Today I talk with Pakistani PhD economist, Asad Zaman (wikipersonal website). Professor Zaman arrived in the United States in 1971 at the age of sixteen to pursue a masters and then doctorate in economics and econometrics, starting at MIT in Boston. Five years later, in addition to earning his doctorate, he realized his personal life was a mess, poisoned by the individualism promoted by the West that says a primary goal in life is nothing more than to maximize one’s own pleasure. He worked through this crisis, but it would take him another twenty-five years to realize, have, and finally resolve another major crisis in economics.

(to read rest of writeup, and access the one-hour podcast interview, see: Realizing your entire career is a sham, after thirty years.)

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