Going Digital: What is the Future of Business and Labour? Discussion Forum extended to December 16th


We are delighted to inform that the Discussion Forum for the WEA Conference Going Digital: What is the Future of Business and Labour? has been extended to 16th December, 2019. 

Join us to discuss recent contributions to the understanding of digital economy and its consequences for business trends and labour challenges!

All papers are available HERE. You can participate in the Discussion Forum by commenting on specific papers, or contributing to a general discussion on the Complexities in Economics. In the spirit of debate, authors are asked to respond to the comments on their papers as well as on related general remarks.

Comments are moderated prior to posting to ensure no libellous or hateful language. 


Keynote Papers

  1. Grazia Ietto-Gillies, “Digitalization and the transnational corporations. Rethinking economics”
  2. Peter Söderbaum, “Ecological Economics in relation to a digital world”

Selected Contributions

  1. Bin Li, “How Could The Cognitive Revolution Happen To Economics? An Introduction to the Algorithm Framework Theory”
  2. Marc Jacquinet, “Artificial intelligence, big data, platform capitalism and public policy: An evolutionary perspective”
  3. Guilherme Nunes Pires, “Gig economy, austerity and “uberization” of labor in Brazil (2014 – 2019)”
  4. Alessandro Zoino, “Predicting Stock Returns: Random Walk or Herding Behaviour?”


A reminder for those, who wish to obtain a conference participation e-certificate. You can still do so by completing your official registration here and paying $10.

Otherwise than that, registration is not required for participation in this conference. You can read and comment on the papers without it.


The Association’s activities center on the development, promotion and diffusion of economic research and knowledge and on illuminating their social character. The WEA makes full use of the digital technologies in the pursuit of these commitments.

We look forward to having you participate in the Discussion Forum.

Maria Alejandra Madi, Conference Leader and a Chair of the WEA Conferences Program

Malgorzata Dereniowska, Co-Leader and a member of the WEA Conferences Planning and Organization Committee

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