Real Statistics: An Islamic Approach

The nominalist and positivist methodology at the heart of Western approaches lead to a discipline which is built on fraud. I am in process of constructing an alternative approach. I have been working on this for over a decade, and now I am ready for a final writeup. I am starting to put together a draft for a new textbook with this title. Comments be readers, negative or positive, and especially with respect to Comprehensibility, Clarity, and Coherence, of what I am saying, would be most welcome and helpful in improving my presentation. Mis-understanding of the nature and role of statistics is responsible for the devastating impact of ‘logical positivism’ on our thought processes — as in the effort to measure intelligence via an IQ test.

An Islamic WorldView

In the name of Allah, the Merciful and the Beneficent

Introductory remarks (regarding Draft of Introductory Chapter of a Planned Textbooks on this topic) The title creates a strong negative reaction in most people — what is the need to bring Islam into everything? Must we have an Islamic approach to adding 2+2, to distinguish it from the Western approach? The problem is that over-enthusiastic reformers have indeed done such things in the past. In the zeal to show how Islam applies to everything, they have misrepresented both Islamic teachings and the stock of existing knowledge, creating distrust and suspicion for similar efforts. But just because there are a thousand religions which are wrong, this does not mean that we should abandon the effort to paint Islam as the unique true religion. Just because there have been a lot of unsuccessful efforts at the Islamization of Knowledge does not…

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One thought on “Real Statistics: An Islamic Approach

  1. Hello Asad

    Really interesting stuff! I’ve always been interested in this, but have yet to delve as deep into it as I would like.

    How did the job turn out for you?



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