Strategies to improve student writing: Engaging students in the WEA Online Conferences

The WEA Online Conferences format, designed by Edward Fullbrook and Grazia Ietto-Gillies, makes full use of the digital technologies in the pursuit of the commitments included in the World Economics Association Manifesto: plurality, competence, reality and relevance, diversity, openness, outreach, ethical conduct, and global democracy. The WEA Online Conferences seek to also engage graduate and undergraduate students considering: (a) the variety of theoretical perspectives; (b) the range of human activities and issues which fall within the broad domain of economics; and (c) the study of the world’s diverse economies.

 The call for papers for the next WEA Conference is now open. The conference Capital Accumulation, Production and Employment: Can We Bend the Arc of Global Capital Toward Justice?  will focus on various aspects of global accumulation, production and employment from a broader perspective of examining their interlinkages with other economic, social, and political processes. Concerns with social inclusion extend well beyond purely economic account of justice and fairness, since the degree of economic inequality also affects social cohesion and political stability, and can also have negative implications for economic growth and democratic institutions.

In truth, this conference calls for a deep examination of current power, politics and economics in a social context where democratic institutions are being threatened. This attempt also involves critical thinking of theories of justice in light of applied challenges: What kind of justice should we bend the arc of global capital to? What are justice conditions and criteria, given the concern about capital accumulation, employment, and production?

Papers falling within the following themes and topics are welcome:

  1. Finance, investment and production
  2. Investment trends and the competition among countries for business
  3. Challenges to working conditions
  4. Economics and democracy

 The Wea Conference leaders really encourage students to submit short papers. Our goal is to stimulate all students to write for different purposes and audiences using their capacity for creative and critical thought.

For more information, visit the conference website

  1. ¡Mil gracias por el envío y difundiré el Congreso!En mi humilde opinión faltó el tema sobre el medio ambiente. Envío esta respuesta con copia (CC) al Dr. Ernesto Vaihinger que se formó, estudia y está preocupado por estos temas.Por mi parte, estoy trabajando en mi tesis de doctorado cuyo tema es «la ética en la formación de los economistas», que en parte abarca muchos de los temas de la Conferencia. Toda contribución será más que bienvenida.Nuevamente gracias y el mayor de los éxitos en la Conferencia.María Guzmán, desde la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires- CABA, Argentina.CC Dr.Ernesto Vaihinger

    • Maria Alejandra Madi said:

      Gracias por difundir el Congreso. Esperamos tu contribución. Desde el año pasado estoy en contacto con Ernesto para organizar una conferencia sobre el medio ambiente.Saludos

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