Books. Globalisation, Democracy and Terrorism by Eric Hobsbawm

Hobsbawm presents the very real facts of globalisation and shows its economic, social and political limits in historical perspective. In this attempt, he contrasts the US imperialism with the British empire and shows how the US power has been in decline.

The author also highlights that there is a profound crisis of authority within national states. In particular,  national democracies have to face global problems, not only climate change, but notably the transnational nature of global investment and its effects on policy making and social dynamics. In this scenario, violence and terrorism are manifestations of deep imbalances historically built.

As a matter of fact, Hobsbawm underlines that  huge social, economic and political transformations have overwhelmed the so called globalisation process. As a result, for the future, Hobsbawm simply says, “We do not know.”


See also a review on this book , Jose Ricardo Barbosa GoncalvesMaria Alejandra Caporale MadiInternational Journal of Green Economics 01/2009; 3(1):103-106, Source: RePEc



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